Weekend Adventure in Byron Bay

Beautiful nature, great resorts, lots of surfing, diving, yoga and kayaking, and much more, it’s all waiting for you in Byron Bay. Byron Bay is perfect if you’re looking for a weekend adventure after those long hours spent at the office. Since you’ve already decided to learn something about this place, let’s introduce you to some of the activities you might just try when you arrive.

How to get there & where to stay

First, let’s see how you can get there and where you can stay. Getting Byron Bay is not hard; you have three airports to choose within two hours’ drive of Byron Bay. Those include Gold Coast Airport (Queensland/NSW border), Byron Bay Gateway Airport and Brisbane Intl and Domestic Airport at Eagle Farm. If you’d rather drive there, Byron Bay is just 6km off the Pacific Highway, 180km south of Brisbane and 35km north of Ballina. We recommend you rent a car at one of these airports, but you could also take a bus since the Byron Visitor Centre is also the Byron Bay Transit Centre (Greyhound, Premier, Byron Easy bus, etc.). When it comes to accommodation, there are a few options. However, if you want to treat yourself to a truly unique experience, look for truly authentic Byron Bay accommodation options such as the resorts set amongst a rainforest. That’s how you’ll experience nature hand and you do not lack anything quality-wise.

What to do


Let’s see a few of the perfect activities that will make for your best weekend adventure ever.

  • Sea turtle snorkeling

This activity is sea-based and you’ll have a blast. In Byron Bay, you can try snorkeling with sea creatures just off the coast of Byron Bay in the Julian Rocks Marine Reserve. Meet amazing tropical species face to face: there are sea turtles, manta rays and many more underwater inhabitants waiting for you to say hi!

  • Ballooning over the beautiful Byron Bay

Many claims that this is Byron Bay’s number 1 tourist attraction! Take a sunrise flight over the Byron Bay Hinterland and you are guaranteed to snap some photos that will leave people speechless. What’s even better is to bring along your significant other because it can’t get much more romantic than experiencing all the colors of a sunrise from a hot air balloon. You and your SO have to see Mt Warning too, it’s stunning.

  • Surfing


Many surfers call Byron Bay surfer’s paradise’. The water is pristine, the waves are ready for your board and all you need is a smile and two days to spare in your calendar. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or a newbie. When it comes to surfing, there’s something for everyone. Pros have more serious surfing options that come in the form of huge waves while beginners have a platter of surfing schools to choose from. One thing is for sure, surfing in Byron Bay is something that you won’t forget anytime soon.

  • Meditation retreat

In Byron Bay, you’ll also find retreats designed to connect your inner self with nature. Of course, that can only be achieved through meditation classes in the open. And you can try that in Byron Bay! If you want to combine relaxing activities such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices with the outdoors, you have to come to Byron Bay. Each retreat is located in a different place and many places are actually iconic landmarks of the region. You should definitely consider this option!

  • Tandem skydiving

All you adrenaline loving couples have to try this! In Byron Bay, you can have a crazy good skydiving experience. If you’re not scared of heights, embark on a scenic flight over the beaches. Actually, you start at 15,000 feet and then you parachute down to the ground. Of course, there are instructors to accompany you on your tandem skydive and they will even pick you up and drop you off wherever you’re staying in Byron Bay.


It seems like there is something for everyone in Byron Bay. Give it a chance; it might make your end of the week spectacular!

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