Things to Consider While Planning a Trip to the US

The United States of America has always been a popular tourist destination thanks to its reputation among many as the center stage of first-world civilization. The architectural magnificence of its skyscrapers combined with the diverse cultural demographic has been attracting people from all parts of the world.

However, the recent corona outbreak and the following lockdown and subsequent restrictions have made international traveling difficult to impossible for many. America is one of the countries that grievously suffered during this pandemic so tourists are advised to take stringent precautionary measures to ensure safe traveling.

1.- Passport and Visa

USA Passport and Visa

If you are planning a trip to the USA within the next year, the first thing you’ll obviously be needing is a tourist visa. US travel visas are normally not that hard to get if your trip is brief or restricted to one specific state. If you’re a European citizen or hail from Australia or Far East Asia, you may be able to get a 6-month travel visa without any hassles.

Also, make sure your passport has at least a 6-month validity left on it otherwise you won’t be able to travel to the states.

2.- COVID-19 Precautions

Taking precautions against COVID-19

Apart from the regular procedures, you’ll now also be required to get tested for corona. You may also face additional restrictions if you’re a UK citizen due to the new virus strain recently detected there.

Please carry an ample supply of disinfectants and sanitizers with you and report to the nearest medical center if you see yourself experiencing any symptoms. Wear a mask whenever you’re outside and maintain a safe 6 feet distance at all times.

3.- Planning Ahead for Flights and Hotel Bookings

Planning Flights and Hotels

Once you’ve been medically cleared for travel, the next few things to consider are flights and hotel bookings. The basic rule of thumb is to book your flights at least a month in advance to get the best possible return flight rates. You can easily find cheap flights online on,, and

The same goes for hotel bookings as well. Granted that you may find hotels overbooked as many would be looking forward to a vacation after the months-long quarantine. It wouldn’t be surprising if the hotels are super overpriced at the last minute. Hence, we always advise being prepared beforehand for any challenges you might face. You can call the hotels to find about their rates or go online and compare prices on your favorite hotels. Some popular websites you might find useful are, TripAdvisor, or

Another option to go for is Airbnb rooms or couch surfing your way during your visit. These options are usually for thrifty solo travelers who are looking more to explore and are less focused on the luxury of stay. To touch into couch surfing, here you’ll be crashing onto someone’s couch for a fraction of the usual hotel charge for a night and leave the very next morning. This type of minimalist lifestyle is getting more and more traction every day due to the hassle-free nature o transaction. Plus, you also get to hang out with a local for a change and listen to their life story.

4.- Make a Tour Plan and Research into Resources Available to You

Planning a trip to the USA

Before you choose your city, it is preferred that you hit your browser and do your own research as to what you want out of your trip. For instance, do you want a trip to Disneyland or want to explore the Grand Canyon, are you going to the Thanksgiving parade in New York or to the bars in Los Angeles. Your trip could either be focused on luxury dining or an old-school East Coast road trip.

Once you’ve arrived, you’ll obviously want to move around a bit and explore the city. Local personal tourist guides or if you don’t mind the crowd, joining a tourist group would be your main source of information and activities around the area. Such guides are usually located around the airports so you won’t have to worry about finding them on your own.

5.- Traveling within States

USA Road Trip Ideas

If your trip includes more than one state, then it’s better to look into your travel options. A good trip is all dependent on how proactive you are. Usually, these kinds of trips are road tours into two or more states but some might prefer traveling by train or flight. Traveling by train usually doesn’t require much advance planning except for the train timings but air travel might need some planning. You can head over to to look for affordable flights.

Now moving on to road trips, the best quality trips are usually when you are the one driving. Get an international driving license before coming to avoid any police haggles. As for getting a car, you can head over to car rental services like our website and get a car best suiting your budget, even if you are a driver under 25 years of age.

If you consider car rental a hassle, you can always go for a taxi service like Uber or Rideshare and avail of their considerably economical interstate travel packages.

Overall, the USA is an amazing country with lots of fun places to explore and tons of amazing activities to do. It attracts all sorts of travels, with its attractions ranging from striking landscapes and national parks to concrete jungles of New York and Chicago, from amusement parks to the parties in Las Vegas, from luxury Los Angeles dine-ins to Texas backyard steaks. This combined with the cultural diversity the country enjoys really rounds it up as a perfect tourist destination.