Are Early Morning Flights Cheaper?

The measured answer is ‘yes’. However, there is an array of other benefits accompanied by booking an early morning flight. First, early morning flights are less likely to get delayed as air traffic is at its lowest in the wee hours. Second, early morning flight is safer than the flights of other times of the day as the atmosphere is calm with little air turbulence. Third, you can avoid the rush at the security check-points.

The early morning flight is cheaper than the rest of the flights, and the reason is obvious. Fewer travelers take the challenge of waking up early morning and then heading to the airport. If you are not an ‘early to bed and early to rise person’, this is not your cup of tea. Caution: the risk of missing a flight looms higher.

If you are inclined to find a cheap flight but don’t want to struggle with reaching the airport on time, then it’s better to book a red-eye flight. What is a red-eye flight? Such a flight departs after 11 PM and arrives at the destination airport latest by 5 AM. Thus, leaving you with enough space to spend your day hours the way you want. You need to sacrifice your sleep a bit. If you are traveling from west to east, the shift of time-zones curtails the night duration considerably.

Cheap red-eye flights are highly recommended for a weekend vacation as you want to make the most of your weekend. Book red-eye flights to explore your neighboring cities. You can find low-cost as well as premium air carriers contesting to find the maximum travelers. In the wake of it, they often slash their airfares and offer lucrative deals or discount coupons.

The websites of airlines can help you to book a cheap red-eye flight to your preferred destination. However, resorting to ARC-approved travel agencies like Cheaparemart helps you to make an intelligent choice. You can compare airfares of red-eye flights available with different air carriers and can go with the best deal.

Adding to your convenience, a few travel websites like Cheapfaremart have customized their flight booking engine. You can apply filters defining departure and arrival time, airlines and flight-stops along with one-way and two-way to easily find out the right flight you need.


Hope you found the information useful. If you are a frequent traveler, subscribe to the blogs or newsletters of trusted websites to get alerts on the availability of red-eye or other flights directly in your email or phone. This will help you to book red-eye flights at the best price.

However, don’t be carried away by cheap red-eye flight deals alone. Take a look at the customer experience or reviews of the travel agents to know exactly what you can expect.

Last but not least, be at your departure airport in time to avoid the last-minute rush.

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