Best Car Rental Companies at Phoenix Airport

Phoenix is the largest and most populated city in the state of Arizona. Despite a number of transportation options such as a train and bus system. You do not get the same freedom as you do with a car. If you are traveling from the other side of the USA or even the world, then the best solution is a rental car.

There are many car rental companies operating near Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. However, not all of them are as good as they make out to be. Below we are going to cover the best car rental companies near Phoenix Airport, Arizona in an objective and comprehensive way. Thus saving you from making costly mistakes such as hidden charges and being charged for poorly maintained vehicles.

We know you need to rent a car at Phoenix Airport but you have doubts and can’t decide which company to book with. To help you decide, here is our ranking of the Top 5 Car Rental Companies at Phoenix Airport (Updated 2024).

1.- Last Resort Car Rental (4.5/5)

The TOP car rental company in Phoenix Airport is Last Resort Car Rental, Arizona car rental company we are going to cover is Last Resort Car Rental. Compares to the other rental enterprises that we have taken a look at, Last Resort is fairly small. However, this does not stop the car rental business from offering an exceptionally positive experience.

Last Resort Car Rental has been in business since 2016, specializing exclusively in providing affordable vehicles in the area around Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Due to the fact that they are not able to compete solely on price, this car leasing company focuses on making sure that all of their clients are satisfied. A further major selling point of this company is that they accept a large range of payment methods. They range from cash, debit cards, credit cards, and prepaid cards. Last Resorts also accepts cards that have low spending limits.

You should note, however, that due to the small size of this local company, they will have a smaller car fleet. This will reduce the chances of you being able to rent the car that you need or want.

Customer Ratings:

  • Accepts customers with low credit card limits
  • Staff knowledgeable about the Phoenix area
  • The business owner will pick up customers from the airport free of charge
  • Little paperwork needs to be filled out
  • Can be cheaper than the major car leasing companies

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2.- National Car Rental (4.4/5)

National Car Rental is a subsidiary of Enterprise Holdings which also happens to own Enterprise Rent-A-Car. It is a leading car rental company that is headquartered in Clayton, Missouri. The Phoenix Airport branch is open 24/7 every single day of the week. Therefore regardless of your time schedule, you will be able to get hold off or return a vehicle.

Furthermore, thanks to the ‘Drop & Go’ scheme. Customers are able to park their rented car and drop off the keys when returning their vehicle without any need to wait for anyone. As long as the car has not been damaged, the customer service team will sort out the receipts and email you back.

Additionally, there is the ‘Emerald’ loyalty program which allows recurrent customers of National to book cars without the need to re-submit personal information. To add to this, Emerald loyalty cardholders do not need to speak to a representative and also have access to healthy discounts.

Customer Ratings:

  • No need to wait in a line to pick up or drop off a car
  • Loyal customers are generously rewarded
  • Able to book using the National Car Rental app and website
  • A large selection of vehicles
  • Good level of cleanliness maintained

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3.- Alamo Rent A Car (4.4/5)

For budget-conscious travelers, Alamo is the perfect option. Founded in 1974, Alamo is a veteran player in the car rental market and is known as one of the biggest providers of rental vehicles to international visitors. A fact that is well represented by the company’s website where you can find articles about the most popular places to visit in Phoenix.

A discount program is also offered by the rental firm. It is called ‘Alamo Insiders’ and allows holders to save a whopping 5% on their total fee which can swiftly add up to large savings. And it gets even better, signing up for Alamo Insiders is totally free.

There is also considerable flexibility on how you can refuel your car. You can potentially save money by prepaying for the fuel. The other option is to allow Alamo to refuel the vehicle at the time of renting the vehicle. The benefit of this is that you are only charged for the fuel that you have used. Finally, you are able to fill up the car with fuel yourself allowing you to take benefit of any special offers from local fuel stations.

Customer Ratings:

  • Self-checkout kiosks are available
  • A straightforward rental process
  • Do not charge you for minor accidental scratches
  • Cars are always in a great condition
  • Just 10 minutes away from the airport

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4.- Enterprise Rent-A-Car (4.2/5)

The fourth car rental company in proximity to Phoenix Airport is Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Based on its website traffic and the number of reviews this rental branch has. It is the most popular car-for-rent provider. It may not be the cheapest option, but it provides great value for money and reliability.

It is a company that has taken big strides in order to adopt the latest technology to benefit its customers. Clients are able to rent a car in the traditional way by visiting the physical store. Alternatively, they are able to save time by using the Enterprise mobile app and also the website. Allowing individuals to book a vehicle and submit any documents in advance rather than wasting valuable time during their visit to the city of Phoenix.

Customer Ratings:

  • Good customer service which is noted for its well-trained and polite staff
  • Quick and easy car booking process
  • Cars are well maintained and frequently cleaned
  • Frequently updated vehicle inventory
  • Great flexibility in terms of the ability to alter your reservation to suit your needs

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5.- Sixt Rent A Car (3.8/5)

Sixt is a high-quality German leasing corporation. The company allows consumers to save money when they rent for a longer period of time. For example, if you rent for 28 days or more, you are able to save 20%. As part of this deal, there is no limit to how many miles you can cover with that particular vehicle.

To expand on this, in branches that are located near airports there are extensive discounts available. For those booking from 5 to 27 days, from an airport branch can save up to 35%. It is important to note that you have to prebook your vehicle in order to access these savings.

Although this Sixt Rent A Car location is not open 24/7. Renters are able to still drop off their vehicles outside business hours thanks to the high-tech key boxes present at every location.

Customer Ratings:

  • Premium vehicles available
  • The helpful customer service team
  • Great value for money
  • The longer you rent the more you save
  • Corporate discounts available

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6.- Budget Car Rental (3.0/5)

Another prominent car leasing provider. As the name of this company may suggest, their main selling point is their low prices. Frequent special offers are present that can consist of discounts and also free vehicle upgrades. To expand on this, frequent customers of Budget Car Rental are able to get hold of coupons that unlock future price deductions. Moreover, members of charitable organizations such as the AARP and Veteran’s Advantage can qualify for discounts ranging from 25% to 30%

Apart from passenger vehicles, there are cargo vans available for short-term leasing. It is advertised that you can take out a cargo van for as little as $29.99. One of the downsides is that they are not open 24/7. However, drivers are still able to drop off their vehicles in other branches in Arizona or other states in the USA.

Customer Ratings:

  • Offers an extensive range of discounts
  • An efficient service
  • High level of price transparency
  • Vehicles are always available
  • Pick-ups and dropoffs are super easy

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7.- Hertz (3.5/5)

The sixth entry into our best car rental companies in Phoenix, Arizona is Hertz. One of the best-known names in the car leasing world, known for its yellow color scheme. With Hertz, you are able to book any available vehicle in advance. In addition, you can cancel your booking for free as long as it is two days before the booking date.

A great feature of Hertz’s car leasing service is the ‘Best Rate Guarantee’. What this means is that if you have booked a vehicle from Hertz and then find a cheaper deal. The same lower price will be matched by Hertz and you will receive a further 10% discount on top of this. A special form exists on the car rental firm’s website for submitting claims as part of the best rate guarantee.

Customer Ratings:

  • A 15 step car cleaning process used on all rental fleets
  • Competitive and affordable prices
  • Luxurious and budget options available
  • A quick booking and return process
  • Really friendly staff

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8.- Avis (3.5/5)

Vans, SUVs, luxury vehicles, and economic options are available at Avis, a company part of the Avis Budget Group. Reservations can be made in advance online or in person. Regardless of where your reservations have been made, you can view, modify and also cancel them on the company’s website.

If you are going to be traveling you will likely need to stay at a hotel. Members of the ‘Avis Preferred or ‘Avis Preferred Plus’ programs can automatically receive reward points. These reward points can be employed at major hotel chains such as Best Western, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, and Wyndham Hotels & Resorts. To add to this, the same reward points can be used with most of the major international airlines.

A ‘price pledge’ also exists at Avis. If you find a comparative offer that is cheaper than the one offered by Avis. You can submit evidence of this, and get a price match and also a 10% discount. Similar to what Hertz offers, although terms and conditions slightly differ.

Customer Ratings:

  • A reliable service you can trust
  • Free upgrades and bonuses offered to Avis Preferred members
  • Amazing staff that want you to get the best service possible
  • A process that is designed to be simple
  • First-class transparency

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Renting a car from a reputable company will make the difference between enjoying your vacation or getting frustrated. Again, you don’t want to experience car breakdowns in the midst of your expeditions. Choose your car rental company wisely once you arrive at Phoenix Airport and enjoy your stay in Arizona.

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