10 Best Beaches in Australia


The list of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. Australia is equal to infarct beaches, with no doubt. Although now that I stop to think about what my favorite beaches are after several years visiting the country, the truth is that I find it difficult to choose the best beaches in Australia.

Weekend Adventure in Byron Bay


☀ Beautiful nature, great resorts, lots of surfing, diving, yoga and kayaking, and much more, it’s all waiting for you in Byron Bay. Byron Bay is perfect if you’re looking for a weekend adventure after those long hours spent at the office. Since you’ve already decided to learn something about this place, let’s introduce you to some of the activities you might just try when you arrive.

Day Trips from Prague Into the Czech Countryside


► The following destinations are all accessible within a day’s drive of Prague. From castles to small towns, you can see the countryside, the rolling hills, and the way of life that these hardy and amazing people have lived for centuries. Below are some easy suggestions for day trips from Prague that are easy to reach and worth your time.

Visit the New Grand Egyptian Museum While in Giza

Great Sphinx of Giza (Egypt)

The Grand Egyptian Museum has been in the planning stages for quite some time, and there was a contest back in January of 2002 to determine how the building would look when it was constructed.  Since that time, work has been continuing on this architectural masterpiece that is not too far from the Giza Pyramids.  … Read more

Rent a Car with Ease When Arriving at Istanbul Arnavutköy Airport


Everyone traveling to Istanbul will need to determine how they are going to reach each of their destinations while they are there.  Some people will decide to use public transportation, but many will prefer to rent a car instead, as it will give them more freedom during their vacation. Here are the local rental car … Read more

4 Easy Tips to Transform Your Van into a Camper


► The process of transforming the van is an adventure in itself – it’s really rewarding to work. Don’t be intimidated by everything that needs to be done, but rather refer to these tips to help you out and get you closer to your travel home.

What You Need to Know About Hidden Costs on Car Rentals

What You Need to Know About Hidden Costs on Car Rentals

While you can almost always find great cheap prices on car rentals, you may be surprised at how high your bill ends up being when you arrive to pick up your car. Insurance, Vehicle License Recovery Fee, Tire and Battery Recovery Fee, Fuel Fee, Age Fee, Additional Driver Fee, Mileage Fees, Returning Early Fee

How do car rental insurance work?

How do car rental insurance work?

Everything about car insurance is usually a little complicated to understand. Therefore, here we offer a simple and understandable guide that will make you not miss. The first thing you have to know is that the rental cars do not have insurance as they have private cars, but coverage , and the conditions are usually somewhat different to what you might be used to.

Differences Between Excess and Deposit when you Rent a Car

What is the difference between Insurance Excess and Deposit when renting a car?

The Excess in a rental car is the maximum amount you will have to pay in case the car suffers an accident, theft or great damage. The total amount of the Excess in a rental car ranges from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the car rental company and the category of the rental car.

The card hold or deposit are a hold applied by companies to cover their backs in case they have to charge you for fines or penalties. And each company decides whether to retain it or not.

What is the deposit or credit card hold in the car rental?

What is the deposit or credit card hold in the car rental?

Nowhere will you find the answer so clearly and simply about something as important as the deposit. What is the difference between a credit card hold or a deposit? None. The deposit, is an amount of money, which varies depending on the type of insurance and the category of the car.

Five Best Apps to Help You Drive Better


Drive First is an app which prevents you from being tempted to continue texting while driving. It locks your mobile phone as soon as your car starts without you having to do anything. Once working it will send automatic replies to texts that do come through so that the sender knows you are driving.

10 Places to visit in England


England is the country where you can find any kind of travelers wandering around and having gossip with British and Non-British people. England is the one of the most visited countries in the world; it offers travelers different possibilities to visit different kinds of art and people. It can be a funny country and it might be small country but you can spend your whole life time there learning new things. Historic places can be seen on every other corner of England.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities of USA


When you go to visit USA keep in mind that you are visiting 3rd or 4th largest country if the world. If you have time to visit only 10 cities from the 50 states of USA you should go for these cities. Remember this ranking is done on the basis of cultural beauty of the cities all around in Unites States of America.

10 Most Amazing Places of Riga


We finally came out with the 10 most amazing places of Riga. We are sure you will enjoy all of them. This is the capital of Latvia, and has an important cultural heritage. Riga is also an important political and commerce center. There are many places to see, and it was hard to make a selection.